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Use a Professional to Help Cut Business Costs

Posted on 23/09/15 by admin

Do you need a professional to help cut business costs?? At one point or another most businesses look at their operating costs and decide that they are too high. When this happens it usually means that it’s time to start cutting business costs so that they stop eating into your annual profits. However, cutting costs […]

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5 Tips to Reduce Business Energy Costs

Posted on 25/08/15 by admin
Reduce Business energy costs

Owning a business is the goal of more people these days than ever before, but while owning a business is one thing, getting that business running at a profit and keeping it that way is another story entirely, and many an entrepreneur has discovered that the costs involved outweigh the profits to an alarming and […]

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5 Great Tips for Budgeting Your Business Travel Costs

Posted on 11/08/15 by admin
Budget your business travel costs

Most of us have to plan ahead before we hop on the road or the take to the air, whether it’s for business, pleasure or necessity, and the first thing that usually comes to mind is “What’s it going to cost?” From an overnighter in a town down the road to a prolonged trip around […]

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Money saving tips for small business

Posted on 20/07/15 by admin

3 Money Saving Tips That May Save Your Small Business The financial climate is still rocky now even though the credit crisis and subsequent recession are considered to be over. The truth is that it’s hard to start a business at the moment – and it’s even harder to make a small business successful. With […]

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Budgeting Tips for Students

Posted on 7/07/15 by admin
Bugeting tips for students

Being a student can be hard work, both inside and outside of the classroom, as there are now more obstacles than ever to face when attempting to complete an education. Attending classes, finishing coursework, and finding an internship or placement can all be difficult tasks, but finding time to do paid work – or afford […]

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How Your Business Can Save Money

Posted on 2/06/15 by admin

It can be tough for businesses, particularly small businesses, to survive let alone thrive in a struggling economy. The good news however is that there are ways in which you can perform a cost reduction audit to cut costs down to a minimum and increase the chances that your business will both make it through […]

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How to Save Money in 2015

Posted on 20/05/15 by admin

Everyone wants to try to save money, and while your New Year’s resolution may have already been given up on, it is still not too late to start making savings in 2015. Trying to get out of debt, save money and stop throwing money away on random purchases can be very difficult to begin with, […]

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Why Businesses Need Forensic Accountants

Posted on 27/04/15 by admin

A forensic accountant is characteristically a CPA that a business hires to help them with determining the valuation of their company, or to examine or reconstruct financial records, analyse their tax situation, or compute an employee’s salary. They are used during times when money or property are being contested or when a business’ worth needs […]

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Think Accountants Are Boring?

Posted on 16/04/15 by admin

Forensic Accountants Are Crime Busters In Their Own Right When most people think of accountants they think of old middle aged men wearing a bow tie and a button down shirt. While playing with numbers might appear boring, in some cases it can also be extremely interesting because the path the numbers take can tell […]

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Yes, You Do Need an Auditor

Posted on 30/03/15 by admin

Whether your business is a small start-up or a huge conglomerate, you are subject to an often bewildering set of laws, requirements and restrictions and increasingly complex issues of compliance, risk management and more. In general, small companies rely on internal auditing by an employee of the company and this is sufficient for their purposes. […]

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SME Budgeting For Beginners 

Posted on 23/03/15 by admin

Getting a small business started is the goal of countless entrepreneurs, and start-ups are so numerous and varied that there can be no simple guidebook for success. Many succeed and many do not, but one thing the successes have in common is a realistic budget going in. Without that essential groundwork and planning it would […]

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3 Tips For Better Construction Cost Management

Posted on 11/03/15 by admin
Construction cost management

Construction Cost Management Cost management is how a business controls and plans its costs of doing everyday business. Every type of business needs to do this efficiently if they want to succeed and thrive, including those in the construction industry. This means that before a construction business starts a new project it must identify and […]

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Budgeting Helps You to Create a Spending Plan

Posted on 3/03/15 by admin

Most people have a limited amount of money coming in every month and have to decide how to use it to pay their bills and to buy food, etc. The best way to do this logically so that you will know exactly where your money goes is to develop a monthly budget and try to […]

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4 Cost Management Techniques for Your Businesses

Posted on 23/02/15 by admin
Cost Management Techniques

4 Basic Cost Management Techniques As a business owner you know that having your own company is challenging expensive in a variety of ways. If you don’t learn how to be resourceful then you will quickly go out of business and fail. So, having some good cost management techniques is vital to your success. Here […]

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Funding Options Available for UK Businesses

Posted on 27/01/15 by admin

The process of raising funds for a business can often be challenging. Business owners need to begin by working out what their startup costs will be along with the operational costs involved. It is important for business owners to be aware of how much money they need before they can evaluate their funding options. Self-Funding […]

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Cost Reduction Analysis & Why Your Business Needs It

Posted on 12/12/14 by admin

To the layman cost reduction analysis may sound like jargon. However, these words mean exactly what they suggest. Ordinarily, business entities incur a lot of costs in their day to day operation. Some of these costs include: Rent of premises Salaries to staff Payment of utilities such as electricity, water and telephone usage Licenses paid […]

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Tips For Reducing Your Business’ Costs & Carbon Emissions

Posted on 21/11/14 by admin

In recent years there have been calls for the reduction of carbon emissions. Often entrepreneurs are solely concerned with making profit and the mere thought of carbon emissions does not count in their profitability analysis. The widespread use of computers has resulted in higher demand for electricity and equipment and the energy emissions from this […]

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The Importance of Forensic Accountancy for Your Business

Posted on 20/10/14 by admin

Modern society has changed rapidly and this includes the field of business. With different challenges arising in business, new areas of practice have evolved to tackle the ensuing issues. One of the most important of these is forensic accountancy. Demystifying Forensic Accountancy  Like most entrepreneurs, you probably link the term forensic with medicine and there […]

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Spurring Business Growth Through Cost Management Techniques

Posted on 14/10/14 by admin
Cost Management Techniques

Cost Management Techniques According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing Accountants UK (CIMA), one of the most overlooked  techniques for business success is handling of cash flow effectively. In business speak this is referred to as cost management. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) refers to cost management as the process of planning and controlling […]

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Cost Management Tips For Public Companies

Posted on 6/10/14 by admin

Cost reduction practices employed by private businesses work in the same way when it comes to the public sector. Government departments and local authorities use methods such as budgeting, estimates, analysis, evaluations and forecasts. The secret to good cost management lies in developing robust cost reduction measures and that’s where an experienced cost reduction company […]

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We Uncover Loan Mischarge Saving NI Retailer Over £100,000

Posted on 24/09/14 by admin

A Northern Ireland retailer who was mischarged for a banking loan has saved over £100,000 following a process of engagement with the Specialist Cost Auditors team. The retailer, which is a successful high street business, recruited the assistance of the Specialist Cost Auditors and our cost management services team because management believed there must be […]

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Business Cost Reduction: The Key to Improved Profitability

Posted on 22/09/14 by admin

Businesses are always established to provide a service or goods in return for profit. When you sell your goods or services to the targeted market, customers pay you. The amount you receive is referred to as sales or revenue. There are costs you incur in order to produce what you sell. What remains after deducting […]

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Northern Ireland Retailer saves £92k

Posted on 15/06/14 by admin

Company Overview In the methods by which the company markets its services, this is an unusual type of client. This company is an unusual type of client in the sense in how they advertise their business to the Market place. They are very successful and have a great rapport in the local business community.  Category […]

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Leeds Restaurant saves £32k

Posted on 12/05/14 by admin

Company Overview. The food industry in UK is a very competitive market. SCA was invited to review all the main categories of expenditure with a medium sized restaurant based in Leeds. SCA was introduced to the business by their accountants who had experienced success of our services with another one of their clients.  Category  Spend […]

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