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Funding Options Available for UK Businesses

Posted on 27/01/15 by admin

The process of raising funds for a business can often be challenging. Business owners need to begin by working out what their startup costs will be along with the operational costs involved. It is important for business owners to be aware of how much money they need before they can evaluate their funding options.


One of the ways that people can raise funds for their business is through their own savings. Substantial personal savings can be sufficient to start a business. Another alternative is to sell assets and raise the money required. People generally need to invest some of their own funds and this may inspire other people to invest theirs.

Outside Funding

Attracting investment from other people involves borrowing money from friends or associates based on legally binding agreements. In order for people to get money from conventional lenders such as banks, they need to be prepared to go through a rigorous process before they can qualify for loans.

Loans & Investments

Banks are in a position to provide useful financial information regarding how to raise money for businesses. Crowd funding can be also be useful to make it easier to find money for a start-up. This refers to investors who team up in a bid to locate people who require funding and are able to pledge various amounts.

The investors benefit by getting returns on their investment and possibly having a share in the business depending on the system in use. Investment finance will require the business owner to part with a share of the business.


Business owners can also consider getting a mortgage to find their business. People generally regard remortgaging property as a less expensive option than acquiring a business loan because repayments can be for over a long period.

Trade Credit

Getting trade credit enables the entrepreneur to get supplies and pay for them over a period of time during which the business can be up and running. Grants are available for businesses that are eligible for economic assistance.

Choosing a source of funding should ideally be dependent on aspects such as payment terms. Mortgages are ideal for long periods of time while options such as trade credit are short term. As a business owner you need to be sure that you are able to pay back money borrowed. This involves running your business as efficiently as possible and incorporating business cost reduction strategies.

Raising money for a business is a crucial step, a number of financial options that are worth considering. A business’ specified business funding requirements will ultimately determine which ways of raising finance are most suitable.