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How can we help you?

We help you by saving you money. We help you by putting processes in place which will enable you to make a positive change for the future of your business. We help you by highlighting the areas which need closer attention for cost reduction and we help you by giving you a support team which will help future proof your business from unnecessary expense. By using our services you are demonstrating to your staff that you are 100 per cent committed to making savings in such a way which protects jobs. Phone TODAY on 028 9048 0066 to book your consultation.

Does your service deliver?

Quite simply, yes! And it's not just us saying that - our clients are happy to testify for us. We have saved companies hundreds of thousands of pounds. We have made such a difference in companies who were facing a sink or swim situation and companies who are so astute to their spending. There are always savings to be made somewhere. You may be running the tightest ship but be open to the fact that further savings can be made. We look forward to engaging with you.

How much does your service cost?

Our fee structure is what differentiates us from the competition. We work on the principle that if we don't deliver, you don't pay. We agree timescales with you. These depend on your spending capabilities and the level of categories to be reviewed. We have a number of different payment structures. We are open to discussion on all of them as we believe in flexibility with the client to accommodate all situations but more importantly to establish commitment and build a relationship with the companies who engage with us. All in all, this is a win win situation for you. Make the call - you have nothing to lose.

What information do we require from you?

Our solutions are tailored to your business so this depends on what you want us to achieve. Most client projects to date have meant we require current supplier invoices and we may need to spent a short time with your purchasing personnel. If we are undertaking quality reviews we may also ask for specific product samples. As a rule, we do prefer for you to gather the required information as this ensures accuracy and relevance. However, should you wish us to collate the data ourselves, then we are happy to do this.

How long will the data analysis take?

No two assignments are the same so this depends on your business, the complexity of the project and the quantity of information provided by you. Once we have the required information we aim to provide you with our Recommendation Report within eight weeks of receiving all the data.

How does we choose which suppliers to contact?

We have a database of providers across all sectors. We have worked with these suppliers over a sustained period of time and each one has been proven to supply the quality products or services you require at competitive prices. However, whether you use these alternatives is solely predicated on your current supply base. We will contact each of your suppliers to ensure they are providing a quality service at the very best price. Only if we believe a better deal can be found elsewhere, would we recommend an alternative. Our supply chain expertise has been proven time and time again and a broad client base has provided us with exposure to a variety of supply chain practices, pricing strategies and suppliers.

Do we recommend suppliers who provide the same services as you are already getting?

Yes. We carry out a detailed analysis of the services and products you are currently receiving and then we do a like-for-like comparison across a diverse range of suppliers. We GUARANTEE that after the completion of the cost reduction exercise, the quality of your product or service will be, at the very least, the same as you are currently receiving from your incumbent suppliers.

Can you purchase products or services from us?

Specialist Cost Auditors do not act as a middle man. Our role is to negotiate with your incumbent or new suppliers to secure the very best price possible and enhance your supplier/client relationship.

Do we receive any money or compensation from suppliers?

In the vast majority of occasions the answer is no. We work for you and place the needs of your business at the heart of everything we do. It is imperative we remain impartial and therefore do not accept fees or commission from any supplier, whether they be your incumbent supplier or a new provider. In the event that we are offered incentives, particularly from your current supplier, we pass these savings directly onto you, as stated in our Terms & Conditions. However, in recent times there are two areas of cost reduction namely Payroll and R&D Tax Credits when we receive our money from the supplier and not the client, we are upfront and tell this to the client before we engage in those specific areas of cost reduction. Since the start of 2015 we are in the process of changing our Business Model when we will receive all our commission from the supplier and never from the client.

What type and what size of company do we work with?

We have the capacity to work with companies across all sectors, from SMEs through to multi-national organisations. Our case studies will provide you with a small flavour of the types of companies we have worked with in the past./p>

Are there any limitations to the services we provide?

We know our business and you know yours. So if we need sector specific information we may look to you for industry knowledge. We are not HR professionals and so do not handle employees, staffing or performance management issues. Other limitations on what we can provide really depends on you, as we will not explore areas of your business which you do not want us to.

Do we get involved with your staff?

To do our job well, we need cooperative staff and it is crucial that we are not viewed as a threat. We are working with you to help you and your teams. We ensure your employees are comfortable with our presence and what we are doing and we employ a collaborative approach to work with them in the assessment of your business.