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Restaurant Makes Huge Savings After Cost Reduction Review By Specialist Cost Auditors

Posted on 29/09/14 by admin

A Leeds based restaurant which was spending £250,000 a year on food and £30,000 in banking has had its costs reduced by £32,000 following a review carried out by the UK team of Specialist Cost Auditors.

The restaurant, which is a popular upmarket dining establishment in the city, invited Specialist Cost Auditors, at the recommendation of their accountants, to review all categories of its expenditure.

The team of accountants had previously worked with the Specialist Cost Auditors team with another client and had seen the positive impact made on their client’s business as a result of savings achieved.

John McGowan, of Specialist Cost Auditors, said: “It’s often difficult for companies to accept external consultants coming into their business to review things but once those initial feelings of wariness disappear we can all get down to work as a team to save money.

“Our end goals are always the same – to make huge savings for the clients we engage with. The initial savings made for this client saw a £25,000 savings in their food spend while £7,000 was saved in banking costs. But due to processes put in place this figure has continued to raise for this restaurant which essentially allows them to reinvest those savings back into the restaurant.”

A series of policy recommendations implemented by the Specialist Cost Auditors team meant improvements were made to their entire process from ordering food stocks through to banking processes.

Mr McGowan added: “This was another win win situation for a client. We are delighted to have engaged with the restaurant management and we are here to help them if they need us in the future.”

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