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Northern Ireland Retailer saves £92k

Posted on 15/06/14 by admin

Company Overview

In the methods by which the company markets its services, this is an unusual type of client. This company is an unusual type of client in the sense in how they advertise their business to the Market place. They are very successful and have a great rapport in the local business community.

 Category  Spend  Savings Achieved
 Banking  Loan mischarge  £50,000
 Insurance  £132,000  £42,000

Assignment Details

On some occasions with our new clients, they are sceptical that we can achieve the tangible savings that we claim we can. This client was no exception. With that in mind, our team were all the more determined to deliver results. When conducting any cost reduction service, it is vital that all salient information is made available to our team. Should even one area be overlooked, it can have a significant impact on the overall savings result. This is particularly true in the arena of conducting a banking arrangement review.

SCA Activity

SCA applied best practice purchase methods to reduce procurement costs and were heavily involved in the negotiation of improved service level agreements.

Direct Impact to the Client

The negotiations with the incumbent supplier were drawn out and took a long time to complete mainly because of the complexity involved and on-going attempts to get all key decision makers together at the one time proved difficult. However, all the efforts proved to be worth it as our client achieved savings as displayed in the above matrix.