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We Uncover Loan Mischarge Saving NI Retailer Over £100,000

Posted on 24/09/14 by admin

A Northern Ireland retailer who was mischarged for a banking loan has saved over £100,000 following a process of engagement with the Specialist Cost Auditors team.

The retailer, which is a successful high street business, recruited the assistance of the Specialist Cost Auditors and our cost management services team because management believed there must be ways in which it could save money.

The team carried out a review and found that not only could they save the business £42,000 in insurance costs but they uncovered a loan mischarge which had cost them £50,000.

John McGowan, of Specialist Cost Auditors, said: “This was a shocking discovery for the retailer. They couldn’t believe they had been mischarged by £50,000. But not only that, they were spending an extra £42,000 on insurance costs which was totally unnecessary for their business.

“With these figures in mind it’s clear to see the year on year savings this retailer will make. This is a significant amount of money which has now been recouped and hopefully these savings can be used to help the company grow further and create new jobs.”

Our team were given access to company information which empowered them to carry out a full cost reduction audit which resulted in huge savings for this business.

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