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Leeds Restaurant saves £32k

Posted on 12/05/14 by admin

Company Overview.

The food industry in UK is a very competitive market. SCA was invited to review all the main categories of expenditure with a medium sized restaurant based in Leeds.

SCA was introduced to the business by their accountants who had experienced success of our services with another one of their clients.

 Category  Spend  Savings Achieved
 Food  £250,000  £25,000
 Banking  £30,000  £7,000

Assignment Details

In the early stages of this process, there was some negativity shown towards SCA from staff who felt that their position was going to be undermined if savings were achieved. Once the Management explained that we were there to work with them to achieve a common goal of savings, attitudes quickly changed.

SCA Activity

This change in attitude altered everything. We achieved good savings for the business. Furthermore, through constructive dialogue with the staff, we formulated a series of policy recommendations and presented them to the restaurant management. Improvements in the entire process from food ordering to final preparation accrued to our client. This represented an additional win for our client as a result of the engagement and cost nothing extra to implement.

Direct Impact to the Client

SCA achieved strong savings in direct and indirect overhead, spread ov