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Mount Charles Catering

Leading catering company gets smarter savings with the Specialist Cost Auditors

A Belfast-based catering company has saved over £200,000 as it embarked on a cost reduction journey to boost cost efficiency and quality of service.

Mount Charles Catering, part of the Mount Charles Group, made the huge savings following their engagement with the Specialist Cost Auditors.

The company, which only knows too well the value of bringing in external companies to help organisations, appointed Specialist Cost Auditors to help them reduce their costs in a way which will boost the overall company performance by building on the efficiency of its service.

The Mount Charles Group was founded in 1988 by owner and chairman Trevor Annon. It now employs over 1,200 people and is one of Ireland’s largest support services organisations. The Group provides a range of services including catering, vending and cleaning.
Cathal Geoghegan, Mount Charles’ Managing Director, said: “Sourcing alternative suppliers has become increasingly difficult due to stringent Quality and Service requirements. When another option was introduced to Mount Charles, I subsequently engaged in the services of the Specialist Cost Auditors to analyse our banking and insurance requirements.”

John McGowan, owner of Specialist Cost Auditors, demonstrated to Mount Charles how its Value Improvement Programme could be used to ensure the company was getting best value for money from the suppliers it was using.

Mr McGowan said: “The savings for Mount Charles Catering are enormous. This will make a great difference to the performance of their business. We carried out our analysis based on on-site information gathering and tendering.

“We saved the company a huge amount by restructuring its banking requirements. By completing our final health check and reviewing interest charges we uncovered a financial return of £80,000 on this element. We also conducted a full review of Mount Charles’s insurance policy and associated costs. This review brought savings of £30,000.
“Not only did Mount Charles get a new insurance provider but they also are adopting a concept which they were previously unaware of. This added to their savings significantly on their annual insurance premiums.”

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