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McClure Watters

Accountancy firm introduces Specialist Cost Auditors’ benefits to its client portfolio

Northern Ireland’s seventh largest firm of accountants has saved one of its clients in excess of £100,000 by introducing them to the Specialist Cost Auditors.

RSM McClure Watters, a firm with over 90 experienced professionals, met with the Specialist Cost Auditors and could see the financial gain for their clients by making the referral.

John McGowan, owner of Specialist Cost Auditors, said he met with John Hansen and explained how its unique approach could benefit some of RSM McClure Watters’ clients.

After a presentation by Mr McGowan to RSM McClure Watters, the partners were in agreement that potential savings could be made.
Mr McGowan said: “As well as giving their approval to introduce the Specialist Cost Auditors to their clients the firm also engaged with us to analyse its own expenditure . By examining its expenditure on office stationary and computer consumables we achieved savings for them in excess of 20 per cent.”

Following this cost reduction success the Specialist Cost Auditors were introduced to one of RSM McClure Watters’ main clients. The company invited the team to review its packaging, engineering consumables, stationary and freight costs.

“This was a great project. We were able to save that company over £100,000 by reducing their costs. We also examined the company’s expenditure on raw materials costs and our findings came back that they were already getting the best value for money from their current supplier.”

Speaking about the cost reduction exercise, John Hansen of RSM McClure Watters said: “John and his colleagues have been extremely professional in their dealings with McClure Watters and our clients to date. I cannot fault the service.

“Even when a saving cannot be achieved it is great to be given the peace of mind that you are already achieving best value and I know our clients will appreciate this.

“We are now looking forward to this relationship developing further in the hope that more and more of our clients can benefit from cost reduction services.”

If you are an accountant wishing to empower your clients to make great savings ring the Specialist Cost Auditors.

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