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EnergyNo matter if you run a small, medium or large business we are all in the same boat when it comes to energy costs. Unless you have already switched to a renewable alternative then you will remain at the hands of volatile energy markets.

We deliver a  tailored and comprehensive energy management service to businesses across the UK and Ireland. We explore all aspects of your electricity, gas and oil costs and we track the energy markets on a daily basis so we are quick to react on price movements.

Our clients are appointed a dedicated consultant and have access to guidance through our telephone and online help lines. We conduct a FREE audit for you and the data we extract from our analysis will determine if you are being charged at the agreed rate, whether there are any historical overpayments, if your load factor is appropriate and whether your site is operating as energy efficient as possible.

This provides us with the relevant information to produce a comprehensive report which will identify where savings can be made. Once this is completed we work together to implement these cost reductions.

We are totally independent and are not tied to any utility providers.

Phone TODAY on 028 9048 0066. Save Money. Take control.

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